Community Rules

These are our community rules, and applies across both the Minecraft and Discord server. Please follow them so we can keep being a nice and friendly community 🙂

  1. Spamming, advertising, using capital letters excessively, or sending inappropriate messages is not permitted. This applies everywhere, including direct messages and signs in-game.
  2. Harassing anyone on the server, both staff members and players, is strictly forbidden. We really appreciate your help in keeping this a nice and friendly community for everyone.
  3. Any form of bigotry and hate speech (homophobia, racism, sexism, etc) will not be tolerated.
  4. Evading bans or mutes in any way is not allowed.
  5. Do not share any personal information. Protecting your own privacy, and the privacy of others, is important.
  6. Please keep everywhere apart from #🌐︱other-languages-general in English.
  7. Follow the discord T.O.S and community guidelines
  8. Follow the Minecraft Server Rules

Breaking any of these rules might result in a punishment. If you think your punishment is unfair, you’re welcome to open a ticket on our discord server or email us at
Lastly, remember that these rules are guidelines, they don’t say something about every possible situation. That’s why it’s important that everyone tries their best to make this a nice and positive community to be a part of.

Thanks 🙂

Minecraft Server Rules

  1. Modifications that give you an unfair advantage (hacks: flying, xraying, kill aura, auto clickers, etc) are not allowed. There are mods and clients that are allowed (full bright texture packs, litematica, schematica, lunar and badlion client, etc) but you have to use them at your own risk. If you’re ever in doubt if something is allowed or not, don’t hesitate to open a ticket at #🧰support .
  2. AFK fish farms are not allowed.
  3. Using an alternative account to grind skills for your main account is not allowed. (This does not include using an alternative account to AFK for you, that is allowed.)
  4. Abusing, exploiting, or using any bugs without informing the staff team is not allowed.
  5. Abusing bugs or glitches in an attempt to crash the server is strictly forbidden.
  6. Teleport trapping, teleport killing, afk killing, etc are not allowed. An example would be asking someone to teleport you while you’re standing over lava, or breaking blocks under them while over the void.
  7. Scamming and stealing is not allowed.
  8. Griefing of any form is prohibited, claimed or unclaimed it is still someone’s build and is still to be upheld with respect.